Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Project Playlist is gone

Today I looked on my Myspace Profile and found that my Project Playlist is gone. I started to ask Tom( that the owner or one of the owner of Myspace) about it, but I saw that I had so message and one of them was from Tom, explaining why he took the Project Playlist off of people Myspace page. He said something about Project Playlist going through some legal trouble, saying that they were not pay for the music on their website. I mean yes it was shared music, but I didn't know that Project Playlist had to pay for the music and I really also Project Playlis also tried to help in the saleing of the many diffrent artist that were shared. What got me though was the message was worded. It was worded almost as if I was corproate, I don't know, I mean it kind of got to me. I still like Project Playlist, and I still thank it is a pretty good community music share site and hope that stay around for a long time. Oh now it is just Playlist not Project Playlist, Click Here to check it out.

Much Happiness Tamala

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Blogger King said...

Hi. Just found your blog today. You use AdWords to attract viewers? Interesting.

Btw, what is "corproate"? You talkgin about corporate as in a corporation? Or is it something else?

Not trying to be a spell check Nazi. Just could not figure out what you were talking about.